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Why Join Centre Holidays?

Our goal is to make all our home based travel agents successful. We work with our agents to ensure they have everything to grow a profitable business.

The Benefits Of Joining A Host Travel Agency

When it comes to starting your own travel business, there are a lot of benefits to joining a host travel agency like ours. These benefits include:

  • Start-Up Cost
  • Training And Education
  • Technology
  • Licenses And Accreditations
  • Accounting
  • Commission
  • Support

If you plan on opening a travel agency, it can be expensive. You have to consider the cost of an office space, phone line, internet, agency licences and accreditations, etc.

By joining our company, you can work right from you home and all you have to pay is an initial setup fee and a monthly recurring fee, both of which are relatively inexpensive. Your training, support and a few other aspects of your business are covered under these fees.

*Individuals from British Columbia will have additional fees which have to be made payable to their government.

Once you join us and get setup, you are initially trained on a one-on-one basis over multiple sessions. This helps ensure that you become competent and comfortable as a travel agent and our systems. We also offer on-going one-on-one and group training sessions as it is covered in your monthly recurring fee.

On top of the training that we provide, you will have access to hundreds of online courses which can help you become a specialist (eg: destination weddings, river cruises, luxury travel, etc. ).

Today, technology is a key factor to running a business. From your email to your website to networking with colleagues, some sort of application is required.

Once you are a part of our company, you don't have to worry about what is required as we provide you with all the essential applications to run your business.

Your website is maintained by us so that you don't have to worry about updating it yourself.

You will also be given access to our agent portal, a backend system that contains various resources, marketing material and information about the affiliates we deal with.

As for networking with our family of home based travel agents across Canada, you will have access to our communities where you will be able to share ideas, ask for assistance and get to know each other on a personal level.

If you choose to open a travel agency, applying for licences and accreditations takes time and money. One benefit to joining a host travel agency like ours is that you can use our licences and accreditations when contacting our affiliates to book trips, registering yourself for rewards programs, educational courses, advertising, etc. Basically from the minute you join, your travel business can start operating.

With selling comes making and receiving payments. This can range from credit card payments, wire transfers, cheque payments, etc. Our accounting team handles the majority of this on your behalf so that you can focus on operating your business.

We offer a wide range of commission levels for you to choose from (50% - 80%). You can choose to start at any of these levels or work your way up to the maximum that we offer. If you choose to work your way up, you will never be downgraded for a lack of sales.

We make commission payouts once a month. As commission is received from our affiliates, we release them to you. We Do Not hold your commission until your clients return from their trip.

*If you have any questions on how commission works, we ask that you setup an appointment with us (via phone or Zoom) so that we can discuss it in detail with you.

All our home based travel agents receive extensive and on-going support. Whether it's a technical issue, booking emergency, training or marketing request, etc., we have someone in place to help assist you. There is no additional cost to this as it is all covered in your monthly recurring fee.

Interested in joining? Give us a call or check out our various plans.


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